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SU35 LED RC Plane, 2.4G EPP Foam Glider


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ZWN RC Plane Q&A:

Q1:What should I do If I have any after-sales problems ?
A:Please rest assured that if there have any problem, we are always here at your service, to slove your problem more efficient, please send the video/pictures to 935334724@qq.com for professional assistance; they will reply to your issue within 48hours. If not find response from support team, pls check your spam email box.

Q2:What should I do If I not find my accessories ?
A:Please carefully check package; If you not find it, pls help to provide complete unpacking video to us, we will check this issue with our warehouse and offer solution accordingly.

Q3:What should I do if my aircraft is not linked to the remote control?
A:Please check whether the battery is fully charged first. Each time it starts, the frequency is paired between the remote control and the aircraft. Turn on the remote control, attach batteries to the aircraft, and then push the left-hand lever of the remote control up to the end and then pull down; If it still doesn't work, unplug the aircraft battery and turn off the remote control. Reverse the boot order, first drive the plane, then turn on the remote control, and then push the throttle stick up to the end and then pull down.

Q4:What should I do if my aircraft does not take off from the ground?
A:Place the aircraft on flat ground with the nose facing the wind, and gradually push the throttle stick forward to the maximum, the aircraft runs a certain distance and stands still to a certain height, and then please control the joystick to control the aircraft flight posture.

Q5:What should I do if my plane can't be hand-tossed and takeoff?
A:Push the throttle rocker upward to the maxium position withthe propellr rotating at high speed, and then throw the aircraft upward slighty. After takeof, please control the flight altitude and directions of the aircraft by controlling the operating lever.


1. Airplane size: ZY530 PRO > SU57 > SU35 (for pictures, please refer to the comparison chart below)
Difference: ZY530 PRO with camera, others without camera

2. We hide the battery inside the plane, if you can't find it, check inside the plane first.

3. Airplanes can't fly:One reason is that the wings on both sides are not horizontal, you can put the plane on level ground to see if the wings are parallel to the ground. If the tail of the aircraft is not parallel, you can adjust it to parallel and try again.

Please note when using the battery:

1. When the battery is dead, it must be charged in time to ensure that the battery has remaining power. If the battery is completely drained, the battery will not charge
2. When charging the battery, disconnect the remote control car. Be sure to remove the battery and charge it separately
3. If you do not use the remote control aircraft, please disconnect the battery from the wire of the remote control aircraft, never connect it, and fully charge the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery


Small size and light weight design.
Complete the assembled preparatory flight suit.
The aircraft uses ultra-tough EPP special foam material, which is flexible and resistant to fall.
Imitated the classic fighter SU-35, with a compact and domineering appearance.
Even if you have never flown a model before, you can fly easily.
The powerful motor allows the model to take off easily from the ground.
2.4GHz 2CH aircraft, including 4 directional flying, ascending, descending, turning left, and turning right.

SU35 RC Plane 2.4G With LED Lights Aircraft Remote Control Flying Model Glider Airplane SU57 EPP Foam Toys For Children Gifts

Ltem Name:SU35
Material::Durable EPP
Battery:3.7V 150mAh
Remote control:2.4G 2CH
Remote control distance::About 120m
Working time:About 12-15 minutes
Charging time:About 30-40min
Ltem Name:SU57
Material::Durable EPP
Battery:3.7V 300mAh
Remote control:2.4G 2CH
Remote control distance::About 120m
Working time:About 12-15 minutes
Charging time:About 30-40min

Ltem Name:ZY530
Material::Durable EPP
Battery:3.7V 300mAh
Remote control:2.4G 2CH
Remote control distance::About 120m
Working time:About 12-15 minutes
Charging time:About 30-40min

Six advantages, Safe and durable


Remote Control Plane
No assembly required, simple and convenient,
super remote

Every child's dream

Top technology, make a difference

2.4G remote control Signal stability

EPP material Lighter and stronger

Smart balance Free flight

High-speed Coreless motor

Size display

3.7V lithium battery Longer battery life



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SU35 Yellow 1B Box, SU35 Red 1B Box, SU35 Blue 1B Box, SU57 Black 1B Box

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