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Lenovo Laptop Xiaoxin Pro16


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Brand Name: Lenovo


Graphics Brand: AMD

Port: 3.5 mm Audio Jack

Port: HDMI-Compatible

Video Memory Capacity: Main memory allocated memory

Display Size: 16"

Display Ratio: 16:10

Max Turbo Frequency: Others

Base Frequency (GHz)4: Others

Thermal Design Power: Others

Type: Slim Laptop

Dimensions (WxHxD): Thin 17.5mm

Expandable storage: YES

Operating System: Windows 11

Graphic Type: Integrated

Graphics Card Model: Integrated graphics

Number of Cores: 8

Hard Drive Type: SSD

Memory Type: DDR5

Keyboards: TOUCHPAD

Keyboards: Backlit Keyboard

Keyboards: Numeric Keypad

Screen Refresh Rate: 120Hz

Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB

Weight (Battery Included): 1.8Kg-2.0Kg

CPU Brand/Model: AMD Ryzen 7 7840H


Thickness: 15mm- 18mm

Feature: bluetooth

Feature: Camera

Feature: Backlit Keyboard

Optical Drive Type: None

Certification: CE

Display resolution: 2560 × 1600

Screen surface: MATT

Recommended use: Learing

Recommended use: Business Use

Recommended use: Gaming

Recommended use: DESIGN

Recommended use: Daily Entertainment

Package: Yes

Correct CPU: R7 7840HS

Type-C interface: 1 pcs

Other interfaces: Full-featured USB-C X 1 + USB-A 3.2 Gen1X2

Camera: 1080P Full HD IR camera with face recognition





Maximum clock acceleration frequency: 5.1Ghz
Number of cores: eight cores


Video interface: HDMI
Audio interface: 3.5mm audio interface
Type-C interface: 1
Other interfaces are fully functional: USB-C X 1 + USB-A 3.2 Gen1X2


Screen size: 16 inches
Physical resolution: 2560×1600
Screen type: high color gamut_120Hz high refresh _DC dimming_IPS high brush matte full screen Hardware "chip-level" color correction
Display ratio: 16:10


Memory capacity: 32GB
Memory type: LPDDR5X

Hard Disk

Hard Disk Capacity: 1TB/2TB
Hard Drive Type: SSD solid state drive

Graphics Card

Graphics Card type: Integrated Graphics


Optical Drive Type: no optical drive


Wireless Network Card: WiFi6
Bluetooth: yes


Camera: 1080P full HD IR camera with face recognition

Input Device

Keyboard Description: Backlit keyboard

Power Specifications

Battery: 75Wh Battery

Machine Specifications

Light Weight: 1.93kg
Size Thin About: 17.5mm


AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS mobile processor

Large core with large display, light and thin and more versatile

Powered by the Ryzen™ 7 7840HS mobile processor, 4nm advanced process and next-generation Zen4 architecture
Deliver higher energy efficiency and performance, with improved single-core and multi-core performance
Professionally tuned by Lenovo, the performance release can reach about 65W, which can handle complex tasks with ease
Excellent battery life brings true flexibility and freedom

Radeon 780M

Single-level high-energy nuclear display, entertainment creation, full of power

It adopts the same RDNA3 architecture as the flagship graphics card and next-generation console, bringing image performance comparable to that of a unique display
With high-frequency LPDDR5x memory, the furious performance is not limited, and it is easy to control various scenes and play mainstream games
Built-in VCN 4.0 acceleration engine supports AV1 hardware encoding and decoding, helping to explore future video creation

Large memory, large solid-state, application multi-open massive storage

With enough large memory and large hard disk at one time, heavy office, professional drawing, modeling and rendering, game entertainment and other scenarios make you forget the constraints
The original number of files that could not be put down is no longer a problem. Dual SSD bits for easy expansion. Inadequate? Not afraid of not enough

Really high energy

The quest for performance never ends
Good hardware and excellent tuning are indispensable
Unleash the full potential of powerful hardware
It's really high-energy

Geek mode about 65W performance release, power full load always super power

Xiaoxin Pro, known for its super performance release, has once again surpassed itself. Fully upgraded heat dissipation module, more professional and in-depth tuning and optimization
Whether it's professional creation or gaming entertainment, the furious performance is on the verge of unleashing

Extreme Fengshen heat dissipation system, efficient and comprehensive without dead ends

Larger diameter 3D composite heat pipes and more powerful turbo fans
With the game-level thermal conductive material, it brings more efficient temperature control, powerful heat dissipation and no dead angles

High performance dual heat pipes
3D Mesh composite design

Turbocharged dual fans
Approximately 42% increase in system air volume

Highly efficient thermally conductive materials
Gaming-class high-performance grease

Dual design of keyboard cooling
"Aerodynamic" keyboard keyboard air intake assists in heat dissipation
Fan in-air outlet design: air duct air circulation in the machine

Intelligent heat dissipation adjustment, four gears as you like

The prestigious intelligent performance adjustment, Fn+Q three-speed cooling mode switching energy-saving mode provides silent experience and long battery life, the intelligent mode is balanced and worry-free, the beast mode fully unleashes the hardware potential, and when plugged in, the Lenovo intelligent engine can switch to geek mode, and the performance is improved

Geek mode, the strong evolve again

Switch to geek mode through the Lenovo intelligent engine when plugged in
Fully unlock hardware performance. Powerful, beyond imagination

Large screen, also easy to carry

The delicate metal body created by high-end aluminum alloy is paired with delicate sandblasting, and you can feel its smoothness when touched
Passed 21 rigorous quality tests and is robust. The simple and lightweight body brings a delicate large screen that people can't bear to look at a few times, and it can also be easily carried

Super good screen

High refresh rate and high resolution, taking into account smooth vision and detailed look
Superior color, large field of view and multiple eye protection for image quality and comfort
Has a Super Superb Rapid super good screen
The visual experience is beyond imagination

Super visual sense, see every place

2.5K high resolution brings more pixels and creates high precision; The golden ratio results in a larger display area and a large field of view
High refresh rates result in smooth images for crisp and dynamic. Super visual sense, every detail, every frame of the picture is in the eye

Brilliant colors, bright colors fill the screen

Not only high score and high brush, high color gamut, high brightness, high color depth, brilliant colors are lifelike, and they are clearly visible without fear of sunlight
Hardware-level screen color correction, accurate restoration of true color, color calibration information stored in the screen control chip, not afraid of loss, not afraid of reinstallation

Multiple eye protection, good looking and comfortable

Matte screen design
Effectively reduce glare, making it easier to see the screen content in bright light
Double Rheinland eye protection certification and full-range DC dimming
Low blue light, no strobe, more peace of mind

JOY experience

Experience more than performance
We found the right balance between speed and comfort in a thin and light notebook
Stable and efficient performance release, cool and quiet heat dissipation design
Intelligent and senseless software ecology, long-lasting battery life
Everything is indispensable

Every time you type, your fingertips fly

Large sound cavity, immersive and good

The speakers are fully upgraded, high-quality large-size speakers, and large sound chambers bring surging sound with a sense of space
Innovative acoustics, double-sided sound transparent channel design, so that simple acoustic principles can be presented efficiently
Paired with Dolby Atmos sound, the powerful and immersive sound effects are as if you were there

Surging sound quality
High-quality loudspeaker with large sound chamber

Innovative acoustic design
Transparent surround channel

Dolby Atmos
Dolby Atmos

75Wh super power, that is, especially long

Equipped with Lenovo's newly designed 75Wh new generation concentrated energy battery, it is smaller and lighter, with stronger charging capacity and long life and multiple cycles
With the original 100W USB-C PD power adapter, charge for 15 minutes, video playback for about 5 hours, return full of blood, no need to wait for a long time

The interface has become too many, the same is not less

"Grand Slam" level complete interface, fully meet your office/creation/entertainment external needs
Get rid of the constraints of the docking station, and the conference office, travel and travel are always calm

Unlock "Swoosh-" fast

Support Windows Hello face recognition unlocking, with the function of opening the lid and booting, the bright screen unlock is completed in one go
IR+TOF dual sensor, intelligent perception, screen off and bright screen fully automatic

Privacy guard, visible

The front camera comes with a physical privacy lock, which is more stable than electronic control, more assured than software, and has a visible sense of security

Communicate online, like "face to face"

The fully upgraded 1080P HD camera, combined with the global beauty optimization algorithm, makes video calls clear and confident
The matrix microphone supports multi-directional noise reduction algorithm, two-way noise reduction, and the noisy environment can be heard and spoken clearly
System-level optimization algorithms allow even third-party applications to enjoy high-quality video and audio, and remote communication is as clear as face-to-face


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R7 7840HS 32G 1T

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