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Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard


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Operation Style: Capacitive

Language: English

Type: Bluetooth Wireless

Application: Laptop

Keyboard Standard: 68 keys

Style: Standard

Style: Ergonomics

Style: For Laptop

Style: for Tablet

Certification: CE

Package: Yes

Keycup material: PBT plastic

Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR

Interface Type: bluetooth

Wrist Support: No

Full Size keyboard: Yes



Model: LR68

Case Color: Transparent Black

Connection Method: Triple Mode – Wired / bluetooth / 2.4G

Lighting Effect: RGB

Keys Number: 68 Keys

Keycaps: Three Color Matching Cherry Profile PBT Keycaps

Switch: Gateron Switch (Blue / Red / Yellow / Brown Switch)

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

Hot Swappable: Support 3 pin / 5 pin Switch

Product Size: 325 * 113 * 45mm


Compact 65% Layout:-

LORIIK LR68 keyboard has a 65% layout. The keyboard saves you desk space while offering you the functionality of alphanumeric keys, arrow keys, etc.

Transparent Keyboard Chassis:-

LORIIK LR68 keyboard gets a transparent black chassis.

Gateron Mechanical Switches:-

LORIIK uses the Gateron switches for the LR68. Users can also change the switches on their LR68 keyboard as the keyboard features a full-key hot-swappable keyboard plate.

System-Wide Connectivity With Triple-Connection Modes:-

LORIIK LR68 offers connectivity with a wide range of different systems with its triple connection modes. It supports the latest bluetooth wireless connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and Wired Type-C connectivity. Use the LR68 with your Laptops/PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

Key Partition to Reduce Accidental Touch:-

LORIIK LR68 separates keys in design, minimize false touch during use.

Full-RGB backlight With Musical Rhythm Effects:-

LORIIK LR68 mechanical keyboard comes with a multi-color RGB backlight that supports different lighting effects.

Package Included:

1* LR68 Triple Mode Mechanical Keyboard

1* Instruction Manual

1* Double head key puller

1* 2.4G receiver



Additional information

Axis Body

Red Switch

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United States


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