XMOS at Computex: the world’s broadest portfolio of voice interface solutions for the IoT and consumer electronics

Class leading true stereo AEC far-field voice capture for consumer electronics on show

Bristol, UK – 16th April 2018 – XMOS Ltd, a leading supplier of advanced embedded voice and audio solutions to the consumer electronics market, today announced that they will be showcasing their extensive portfolio of VocalFusion™ true stereo voice capture solutions for far-field voice-enabled stereo smart TVs, soundbars, and set-top boxes at Computex 2018, Taipei, 5th to 9th June. XMOS will also be previewing their next generation VocalSorceryTM advanced blind source separation technology (by appointment only).

XMOS will be demonstrating their latest products and proof of concepts that capture voice commands for use in Alexa, Google, DuerOS or other voice enabled AI and IoT systems.

During Computex XMOS will be at The Grand Hotel Hyatt, Taipei, 5th to 9th June 2018. Visit this page to arrange a meeting with the XMOS team. ( http://www.xmos.com/news/events )

About VocalFusion™ XMOS VocalFusion voice processors deliver sophisticated voice digital signal processing (DSP) including a full duplex acoustic echo canceller (AEC) with barge-in capability that enables users to interrupt or pause a device that's playing music, and an adaptive beamformer that follows a speaker. Additional sophisticated dereverberation, automatic gain control, and noise suppression provide crystal clear voice interaction experiences even in noisy environments, in a single device. The processor interfaces directly to four PDM microphones in a linear array with 33.33mm inter-mic spacing making it ideal for integration into flat screens and products found "at the edge of the room".

Further information: http://www.xmos.com/vocalfusion, and Press Briefing for VocalFusion Stereo Dev Kit for Amazon AVS ( http://www.xmos.com/products/voice/vocalfusion-stereoavs ) here, VocalSorcery™ Press Briefing available to journalists on request. ( https://www.xmos.com/download/private/XMOS-Press-Briefing-for-VocalFusion-Stereo-Dev-Kit-for-Amazon-AVS%28Feb-2018%29.pdf )

About XMOS XMOS is a leading supplier of voice and audio solutions to the consumer electronics market. Unique silicon architecture and highly differentiated software positions XMOS at the interface between voice processing, biometrics and artificial intelligence. For more information, please visit www.xmos.com, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and view their video library on YouTube.

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