Vishay’s most innovative components optimize scale, performance and cost

Chicago, Illinois, 29 June 2017 - Newark element14, the Development Distributor, announces availability of the 2017 Super 12 semiconductor and passive components from Vishay for same-day shipping. The group of components highlights Vishay’s most innovative semiconductor and passive components including resistors, capacitors and diodes to help design engineers optimise their end products and address key design challenges such as scale, performance and cost. The Super 12 range is released annually by Vishay and consists of six semiconductors and six passive components with advanced technology capabilities.

The 2017 Vishay Super 12 range has three key highlights:

  • T59 Series vPolyTanTM Polymer Capacitor has patented MAP packaging providing a 25% improvement in volumetric efficiency and delivering the industry’s highest capacitance density. In addition the range provides low ESR, and L-terminations which reduce equivalent series inductance (ESL) by 33% whilst improving the electrical and mechanical connection to the PCB. The range has been developed for use in bulk energy storage in solid-state drives and filtering and voltage holdup for power conversion applications.
  • IHLE-5A series – these high current inductors have an e-field shield to reduce noise in DC/DC convertors and provide 20 dB electric field reduction at 1 cm - for use in DC/DC convertor circuits near noise sensitive components, automotive control circuitry and computer and other high current, noisy power supplies.
  • VCNL4035X01 Optical Sensors – an integrated proximity and ambient light sensor for gesture applications’ all-in-one’ - for use in displays or other applications requiring gesture recognition

Other products in the Vishay Super 12 range are:

  • SQJQ480E TrenchFET® Gen IV MOSFET - for use in Automotive and Transportation and intralogistics applications.
  • SiRA20DP TrenchFET® Gen IV MOSFET for application in OR-ing, battery management and load switching, synchronous rectification and synchronous buck
  • WSLF2512 – A 6W power metal Strip® resistor with low resistance and low TCR for use in current sensing, voltage division and pulse applications in power management.
  • VTVS5VOASMF to VTVS63GSMF – 400W transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diados in SMF package for use in line transient voltage protection in space constrained electronics such as laptops, notebooks, tablet and external hard drives.
  • SiC462 synchronous microBUCK® regulator - a 4.5V to 60V buck regulator capable of delivering up to 75 W output power for a broad range of applications from industrial and automation to robotics, drones and ATM and slot machines.
  • MKP1847H AC filtering film capacitor for high humidity environments including application in renewable energy, welding equipment and AC harmonic filters.
  • 10A to 30A FRED Pt® ultrafast rectifiers in SMPD package offers high power density for application in automotive and industrial markets.
  • IHXL very high current inductors are the largest composite inductor available – with up to 250A continuous current rating for application in automotive markets.
  • DCRF (Direct water-cooled power wirewound resistor) which can handle almost 10 times the power of naturally cooled resistors of the same size – for use in high power snubber resistors for large drives and HCDC, filter resistors for large drives and fast discharge of solar battery banks.

To view the products in the Vishay Super 12 range visit our Vishay Super 12 page or go to the Vishay store, which carries over 40,000 products.


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