Whether employed to test temperature, air pressure, humidity or voltage, the new devices are robust, user-friendly and versatile in use

Hirschau, Germany, 7 July 2017 - Conrad Business Supplies is celebrating 35 years of its VOLTCRAFT brand with three new developments for the measurement technology sector. As always, quality, functionality and user requirements is paramount. Whether there is a need for a data logger, voltage tester or compact LED torch featuring a video recording function, these products ease day-to-day activities and assist in the regular measurement of temperature and air pressure, simplify voltage testing or provide better visual aid and access in confined spaces.

The DL-220THP Data Logger was specially developed by Conrad Technology Centrum (CTC) for the regular recording and monitoring of humidity, air pressure and temperature information. Unlike normal real-time tester, the DL-220THP Data Logger is equipped to create and store records of air temperature, humidity and air pressure over an extended period of time. As soon as the data recording is complete and the logger connected to a USB interface, a PDF file documenting the history of measured values is automatically generated – including graphical representations of the readings.

The “detective” amongst the voltage tester

The MS-45 Multi-Tester combines contactless voltage testing with a magnetic field test function. The two most common test scenarios can thus be covered by a single device. This applies particularly if the user wants to find out whether a relay is functioning properly and is energised with magnetic force, or the switching contacts are fused together, rendering them defective.

At the front of the MS-450 Multi-Tester is an integrated compact LED torch, with which the site of the measurement can be directly illuminated. The device is protected against dust ingress and water spray in accordance with IP 64.

Two devices in one: Compact torch and video recorder

Conrad presents a very special gadget, the IC-100HD LED Compact Torch. At the touch of a button, it is possible to record areas where the human eye cannot otherwise easily reach, such as, for example in and around machinery or behind cladding.

The VOLTCRAFT LED Pocket Torch boasts an integrated colour camera for shooting HD videos, including soundtracks, which can be played back on a small monitor or stored on an SD card. The rugged housing of the lamp fits snugly in the hand and the unit will function reliably during the day or night, indoors, in the open air or even underwater.

“We are delighted that particularly in the anniversary year of our brand we are further expanding our range and are able to offer our customers many innovative test and measurement products that will definitely make their day-to-day activities easier,” says Harald Lehner, Head of Product Marketing, Conrad Business Supplies.


About Conrad Electronic

Conrad Electronic is a German family business that was founded in 1923. With over 4,000 employees, Conrad operates with 17 local-based subsidiaries across Europe. The omnichannel company distributes its products to customers in 150 countries worldwide.

Conrad’s ever-growing product range includes a diverse and comprehensive portfolio from leading manufacturers and own brands, from the smallest electronic components and development kits through to ranges of test and measurement, automation, cable and tools, the latest consumer electronic devices to computers and communications technologies.

Conrad is a strong and innovative partner for business and private customers alike. Complementing its product offering is a comprehensive range of services delivered through online and local retail facilities, e-procurement solutions and its own local sales force. Conrad is recognised and trusted for its quality services by many leading enterprises across multiple industry sectors.

Since the end of 2013, Conrad has possessed new Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) handling facilities and an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area). The company’s whole ESD management system is certified by TÜV Nord based on DIN EN 61340-5-1.

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