BMZ China is investing around seven million euros in its 12-storey headquarters

By the middle of the year, around 800 employees will move into the new building of BMZ China. "BMZ China will invest around seven million euros in the new location to meet future project requirements, such as for big batteries, and to create the necessary capacity for further growth in the Chinese market," explains Sven Bauer, CEO & Founder of the BMZ Group. In this context, the number of production lines with a higher degree of automation will gradually be doubled over the medium term to around 36 lines.

Increase in efficiency In the future, more space will be available for the production area in order to be able to arrange the lines more efficiently. In addition, supermarket-level storage will be built close to the production lines, optimizing operations and increasing efficiency. Some of the new production areas will be equipped with new line equipment right from the start. The existing production lines will move gradually. Production will be maintained transitionally in parallel at both sites. BMZ China was founded in Shenzhen in 2006 and has been continuously growing since then. In 2017 sales increased by almost 70 percent compared with the previous year.

Emerging economic region Shenzhen The new building is located only a few kilometers away from the current location in Shenzhen and, in addition to the 12-storey main building with offices, production, storage areas and laboratories, also includes a separate building with a canteen and the obligatory hostel for employees, the often migrate to Shenzhen from all parts of the country to work in this emerging economic region. The total area of ​​the new building complex comprises a total of around 35,000 m² and will thus more than triple in comparison with the currently available space.

About the BMZ Group

BMZ Group is a global player in the production of lithium-ion system solutions. BMZ is a system supplier for all types of products such as energy storage systems, e-bikes, large batteries for buses, forklifts, e-boats, industrial trucks, sweepers, aerospace applications, power and garden tools as well as medical devices. Around 2,300 employees work for the BMZ Group worldwide. Through global synergies, global cell purchasing and a know-how exchange within the group, we realize cost advantages for our customers.

The group is headquartered in Germany with production facilities in China, Poland and the US, as well as offices in Japan and France. In addition, Research & Development locations were established worldwide. BMZ has more than 20 years of experience and more than 2,000 customers worldwide rely on our solutions. The BMZ Group realizes around 250 new projects per year.

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